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Tom- there are lots of little things that as we settle in and LIVE in this place I love even more! I LOVE the windows in the mud room and across from the laundry room! The mud room looks good and makes it feel like a "room" and gives great light. The window by the laundry room gives great light, opens up the space, allows me to peek out at headlights and secretly watch my kids playing outside. Today it was GREATNESS as I was FREEZING standing outside watching my 8 year old show me his super new basketball skills... I went inside and got to stand at that warm window and watch him! I LOVE those windows and if I were building I would never have thought of them. We love this house!!! AND if only you knew how many people leave that other builder’s model home and stand in the street or pull up and point, stare; talk at length about this house. We even had a man ring the doorbell one day and ask who the builder was. He said he came in it when it was on the market and he and his wife were just kicking themselves that they hadn't bought it- not finding anything that compared. It was bigger than they'd wanted but now they didn't care. Keep up the GREAT work! Blessings on you and yours!


Independence Custom Homes-01.png
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