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Independence Advantage

There are many good builders in the area to choose from.  How can you decide?  We like to think our workmanship and happy homeowners say it all.  But sometimes a simple "we love our house", just isn't good enough.  Many homebuyers planning new construction need real facts.  They need nuts and bolts and dollars and sense details about why and how they will get a better home, dollar for dollar, with Independence Custom Homes. 

  • Tom Panno, President, personally works with each homeowner to ensure complete customer satisfaction

  • Your house will be covered under our comprehensive 1-2-10 year warranty plan

  • In order to get the best possible finished product at a competitive price, Independence Custom Homes, Inc. continually evaluates prices on materials and labor

  • Our experience with window installation, fresh air intake, spray foam insulation, high SEER HVAC systems that contribute to a healthier, quieter, more comfortable home

  • Strong Subcontractor Relationships

  • Tom Panno comes from a family of builders and since 1999 has built a solid reputation for quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction

Independence Energy Package

Imagine your new home designed with consistent comfort from room to room and floor to floor, healthier indoor air with less pollen and dust, plus relief from excessive outside noises. 


Through the use of spray foam insulation, encapsulated attics, two speed 16 SEER HVAC systems, and Argon gas filled vinyl windows, our homes provide exceptional comfort and efficiency.

The average 4,000 square foot home costs approximately $72/ a month to heat and cool!

Independence Warranty

FIRST YEAR WARRANTY provides that the home will be free from defects in workmanship that do not comply with industry standards.

TWO YEAR WARRANTY covers the mechanicals of the home including the wiring, piping and ductwork in the following systems: the water supply system, sanitary sewer, electrical, air distribution system, heating system and central air-conditioning system.

TEN YEAR WARRANTY provides that your home will be free from major structural defects for the first ten years. The major structural components are defined as the foundation system, load-bearing stud walls, floor joists, beams, columns, trusses and rafters.

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